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Favorite Web 2.0 Resources

We like to use these cloud-based resources to publish work for our blogs. Hover over each thumbnail to see the name and a short note about each site. Click on the picture to visit the site. These have all passed our inspection and they are FREE too.

Animoto.com - Make great free videos!Blabberize.com - Wacky talking graphic fun!EDU.Glogster.com - Be sure to get the EDU account.Prezi.com - For nonlinear presentationsQuizlet.com - Flash card funSchooltube.com - It's just what it sounds likeSpellingcity.com - Oodles of spelling fun! Easy!Timetoast.com - Make your own timelinesEdublogs.org - A very good place to start!Plinky.com - Enchanting journaling promptsDiigo.com - Sturdy social bookmarking siteBubbl.us - Brainstorming and Mind Mapping site

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