Why? To Create, Contribute, Curate and Connect

WHY do we do what we do in the classroom? WHY do we use the wonderful Web 2.0 apps and platforms? We need to remember to ask WHY, start with WHY.

Too often, we start with the WHAT. Smartboards, blogs, wikis, Glogster, Animoto, and on and on. Yippee, look at this new gadget! Let’s jump on board!

Secondly, we approach the HOW. OK, we’ve got this cool new app, how do we use it? We pore over help pages. Professional development time is spent learning how to use a new gadget or platform.

Angela Maiers has been challenging us these last three days at the digital literacy class #digitalliteracyiv at Prairie Lakes AEA, “Building Learning Communities: A Hands on Adventure,” to go beyond the WHAT and HOW.

Many of us, in effect, skip the WHY. According to Simon Sinek we need to Start with Why. Angela told us the WHY for everything in technology is to CREATE, CONTRIBUTE, CURATE, or CONNECT.

If the new gadget I’m considering doesn’t help me do one of those things, then I’ll find something that does.

How do you stay focused on starting with WHY?

3 thoughts on “Why? To Create, Contribute, Curate and Connect

  1. Denise you’re on the right track. Keep the rest of us on that same trail, always asking WHY?

  2. I don’t think we necessarily need to ask why first as long as we do. Sometimes we do things just for the sheer fun of doing and / or learning (but these words don’t start with C). Sometimes the why doesn’t come until further down the track.

    That said, I’m one who always asks why. Harking from my IT project management days, I still try tdo the 5W1H when I see fit (5W1H in case you haven’t heard of it – why, what, when, where, who and how).


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