A Few of my Favorite Things

Diet coke and Nails.Inc.

My favorite things and people are many! Do not be concerned that the Diet Coke made the top of my list. It’s not my favorite of all. My family and friends and food are actually more favorite. However, I am practicing some new ways to use images in my blogging challenge, so I used a picture I found on Flickr in the Creative Commons. Jenny, The Style PA, decorated this classic glass Diet Coke bottle and is sharing it with the world with an Attribution-Non-Commercial 2.0 Generic license. Thank you, Jenny!

I also tried something new, which was adding a gallery of my own photos to my blog. It was quite easy and actually saved a step from how I usually do it. To upload a gallery on your Edublogs, just upload images to the gallery and do not push the “Insert Into Post” button for each one. Instead, when you get them all in, scroll to the bottom of the gallery and “Insert Gallery.” You can experiment with how many to have in each row. I found five was too many.

I have lots of wonderful favorites in life. Here are just a few.

13 thoughts on “A Few of my Favorite Things

  1. Wonderful post again Denise.It’s great to see the “real” bloggers and their families. It’s a bit like when our students see us at the supermarket etc .. we become real. I tried the Gallery idea with my Fiji photos back in November last year. I thought they looked too small so haven’t tried again. It may have been operator error. Yourr gallery looks terrific so thanks again for sharing. Well done, Yvonne:)

    1. Thanks, Yvonne! I’ll look forward to seeing your Fiji pictures if you post them!

  2. Love the gallery and the fact that you have shared your family with us too. The gallery does look good doesn’t it. I am about to make a gallery and like Yvonne said, I think my images will be smaller too. Think edublogs has a more effective gallery.It is summer here in Australia, so yummy strawberries are still availabe and many of the summer fruits. Are you near the West, or was that part of a holiday you went on?

  3. Hi Anne, I grew up in the west, but that was a holiday. Now I am on the prairie. I love it here too!

  4. The attribution is perfect. There is lot of different ways you can do it but the key is to make sure you do include it some where — which you have done.

    Excellent work with the photo gallery! I was meant to cover it in the post but there was too much to explain 🙁

    1. Thanks, Sue. Your posts are awesome! I’m learning things that I never knew I didn’t know. My second year of blogging has been revolutionized! Thanks!

  5. Denise,

    Great layout of your images and a fantastic way to get to know you as a blogger. What a special, personal post. Great work.

  6. Denise,

    If you would like to connect with my 7th or 8th grade classes, let me know! I was reviewing my comments and noticed that I didn’t get back to you about connecting. Do you use skype? Are your students in any global projects?

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    1. Thank you for organizing all the blog posts like this. It makes it easy to read the new posts folks are making. I’m loving this!

  7. I really like the Gallery function too. I am going to start taking more photos of the kids at school in the library and post them on the blog. We have an opt-out policy for posting student photos and none of the parents this year said they did not want their kid’s photos used online.

    Of course, I never identify them except by first name. I think I will concentrate on just group photos to make them slightly more anonymous.

  8. Elaine, thanks for the comment. I still like the idea of keeping them fairly anonymous too. Thanks for the reminder. Have you read the great comments in the Privacy vs. Transparency post below this one? Thanks for visiting!

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