Trying Out

Months ago I made a account, and it just sat there, as many of my accounts have done when I first get them. Today, though, Sheri Edwards challenged wordsmiths to use Storybird to tell about what they are reading. I dusted off my account and tried it out.

I have been reading children’s literature with undergrads in a class I’m teaching. My Storybird is about traditional literature.

I Am Traditional Literature on Storybird

What a wonderful program Storybird is! The artwork is beautiful, and it inspires beautiful words. Mine was created by a German and Turkish artist named Oya. The program is easy-to-use and very intuitive.

I also signed up so I could have my whole class involved. I’m looking forward to using it during school with my students. So much potential!

4 thoughts on “Trying Out

  1. Hi Denise,

    Your Storybird is fabulous! Well written, and gorgeous illustrations!

    This looks like a fabulous way to engage learners in literature! I shared this to the language arts teachers at our 1:1 school (7th-8th grades). Do you think the Elementary and HS folks would benefit from this too?

    Kind regards,

  2. Thanks, Tracy. First, I’m so excited for your teachers and the 1:1 school. What fun that would be to teach language arts with everyone connected.

    Second, regarding your question, I believe every age group needs more traditional literature. I think it would be fun, as Sheri Edwards is going to do, to use something like this Storybird to have students see if they can recognize the stories mentioned, and, if they can’t, research and read those others. Like I said, all ages, including elementary and high school need traditional literature! Theseus and the minotaur! The Odyssey! What great stories. And in Shakespeare alone there are over a thousand allusions and references to the Bible, another traditional literature that is often neglected in our schools.

    Thanks again for visiting, commenting and RTing!

  3. I chuckled at your opening statement…You have signed up for many accounts and have not done much with them….how many of us out here can relate to that! Glad you decided to try as your Storybird is fabulous….I loved the illustrations and your words. Makes ME want to dust off those traditional pieces.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  4. Nancy, I’m so glad you are inspired to dust them off! If I inspire a few teachers to read more traditional literature, I’ll be very pleased with the success of my little Storybird.

    Have you used the program yet? It was really fun, and it looks like a nice community of people who read each other’s books and leave comments and hearts. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting,

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