Foto Friday

“It’s Friday, Friday!” (OK, that’s all!)

It’s actually Foto Friday. Having not posted photos for nine days now, I have been going through photography withdrawals. I fell in love with taking pictures over the summer as I participated with many wonderful educators in the June-July-August Project (My post about #JJAProject)

Now I’ve decided to post a photo each Friday showing something from my week, most likely school-related since that’s what keeps my head spinning and my shutter snapping these days.

Here today is a photo of an old swingset, edited on It’s an old wooden swingset with lichen growing on the seats. Life can be found in many places.

I am so excited that my science students are joining me in making a life science photography portfolio this year.

Today is our first day. Third period we will walk to a nature trail in town, geotag a special spot we will “adopt”, take photos, make sketches, press leaves, identify species. Then throughout the various seasons, we will visit our special spot noting changes.

Can’t wait to get started!

Does anyone else want to join a Foto Friday Challenge with me?

P.S. I have just been looking around and there are many Photo Friday and Foto Friday challenges (Here’s one for dog lovers). Maybe some teachers would like to start a new one!

Saturday followup…Thanks, Sheri (@grammasheri), for an excellent post about a new #TFotoFri hashtag for teachers. Next week, my Friday post will be entitled, “Ah, Friday…” too.

Now we also have a Flickr group to collect all the participants’ Friday photos. It is at

11 thoughts on “Foto Friday

  1. I’m up for the challenge! Your blog is great; I’m very much interested in education and technology in the classroom. I look forward to employing some of your ideas when I resume teaching!

  2. Thanks, MrsDrPoe, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my photo for Friday. I will let you know if anything comes of a tweak for educators on the FotoFriday challenge. Good luck on that PhD!

  3. Hello Ms. Krebs,
    Taking photos with your science students is a great idea. This is an opportunity for them to get outside the classroom but still learn.

  4. Thanks, Erwin, for the visit. I’ll be writing more about my 7th grade scientists, for they really had a great time today! There is a steep learning curve, but they are coming along as they learn to photograph, download, edit, use GPS, and many more skills. They are a great group to learn with!

  5. I love this idea and have responded to your request here:
    Ah, Friday…
    I wonder if we should call and tweet it as #TFotoFri since there are so many fotofriday’s, and most of us are educators/teachers?

    Thanks for making this happen! Sheri

    1. Thanks so much, Sheri. I’m so excited to join again with a group of teachers on a photo journey. Hooray for #TFotoFri! I think we have a new friend to join too…see comments above by MrsDrPoe.

      Looking forward to connecting with many educators from #JJAProject, as well as new folks joining us in sharing photos. Thanks for an awesome post at “Ah, Friday…” that pulled it together.


  6. Hi Denise,
    First of all, I love the pic! It brings back memories and makes me wonder why it’s all overgrown? Is it at an abandoned home? Have the kids who once used this great piece of Americana grown older and moved away? What other creatures/life might be living nearby!

    I would love to participate in the challenge, but am worried that I will fall down on the job as I did with the #JJAProject (which I totally enjoyed). So, I will say, that I will join you on the days that I can do so!

    Photography is a great way to connect the students with the world around them. Sharing is even better!!!

    Thanks Denise!

  7. Nancy, the beauty of #JJAProject was that one of the very few “rules” was: “We don’t want this to be stressful, so relax and have fun.” No stress at all in posting a pic every Friday. đŸ™‚

    I’m going to let one of my students respond to your questions about the swingset because some of them have first hand experience using it when they were young. We’ll get back to you!

    I so agree with your last paragraph: “Photography is a great way to connect the students with the world around them. Sharing is even better!!!” #JJAProject convinced me of that, and I am currently in the middle of two photography essays with my students–7th grade life science and 8th graders are making a digital museum of artifacts belonging to their grandparents’ generation. I am thrilled with their engagement!

    Thanks, Nancy, for the visit and retweet of this new photo challenge.

    Warm regards, friend,

  8. Denise,
    This is such a great idea! I have never been that crazy about science, but this makes me wish I was in your class. Since I do not have students yet, I might just have to do the same thing by myself. Observing an environment and everything around it is great; then seeing how everything changes shows how great science can be. I bet your students will have a great time doing this. Please keep us updated on what you find in your observations.

  9. Kathleen,
    The reason I got this idea was because I walked and rode my bike all summer on a nature trail near my house. It was amazing to me how it changed so much over summer. Species came and went, only to be replaced by others. The colors changed. The insects changed. The life and variety was rich. I learned a lot about science in my observations.

    I’m guessing the changes we will see over fall, winter and spring won’t be as rich, but they will definitely be stark. Though, maybe I’ll be surprised at the richness of life in the other seasons.

    I hope you will observe along with us in your place! And maybe you’ll post a photo on Fridays with other teachers in the #TFotoFri challenge.

    Thanks again for visiting my blog. I hope your class is going well!

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