Ah, Friday! A Few of My Favorite Things of the Week

Inspired by MrsDrPoe‘s post, I’m posting a few of my favorite photos of this week too. It was a rough week for me–some bad things happened, but lots of good things happened too. I snapped pictures of many of the happenings.

I harvested my sunflowers.
My history class and I did history, prayed and walked at the cemetery.
We had a chili cook off at teacher inservice.
We had Miss W and Davo visit from Tasmania.
Miss W came bearing gifts!

3 thoughts on “Ah, Friday! A Few of My Favorite Things of the Week

  1. You ‘harvested your sunflowers’. What does that mean? I’m thinking it means taking the seeds out from the flower for planting next year. Am I right? Doyou have lots of sunflowers?

  2. Oh, I’m not sure it was the accurate terminology. I meant I cut them down. There were about a dozen large ones. I gave some to our elementary students for picking out the seeds. I’ll save a small bag of seeds for next spring, and the rest my students are removing and we will boil them in salt water and then roast them for snacking.

    This was the third generation of sunflower seeds from the one package I bought in the spring of 2009.

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