You Are a #Rockstar

Tracy Watanabe has tagged me in the #Rockstar meme for bloggers. Originally started by Miguel Guhlin, the meme has been traveling around the globe for about three weeks now. Thanks for including me, Tracy!

5 Ways Blogging Has Rocked My World

  1. Like-minded colleagues – Like Tracy, I too am energized by those who are passionate about education. In her Rockstar post, Tracy said, “I thrive when I’m having fun learning, creating things, connecting, and making a difference in the lives of students and teachers. My batteries recharge when I’m around others who have the same passion.” Yes, indeed. Me too! I have been energized and more engaged in teaching since I began blogging.
  2. Writing – I’ve always written and wanted to be a writer. Now I am, in my own bloggy sort of way.
  3. Contributing – Sometime during the past year, I dared to contribute, as Miguel suggested. I began to participate in the online conversation. It was actually quite simple. Instead of just randomly wandering to an occasional blog post, I became deliberate. I signed up for free online services and began making an online presence for myself. I joined the conversation by logging in, leaving comments, and sharing my own writing.
  4. Connecting –  As a result of daring to contribute, I have made connections. I have new friends and collaboration partners through my experiences blogging.
  5. Inspiring – My students are bloggers too. We inspire each other. They have seen me make connections over the past year, and several of them are stretching beyond the limits of what I’ve asked them to do on their blogs. They are making connections and contributing to the world. I would like to think that I inspired some of that, and that rocks my world!

Blogs I Follow

I have dozens of blogs I follow, and on any given day, hundreds of blog posts wait patiently in my Google Reader. To be honest, most of them I just glance at the titles.  Many I scan. Few I read. The ones I read most faithfully are by those that I have connections with. When I see that these folks have posted, I read their posts from top to bottom. These people have become my friends, and I want to see what they are saying. Tracy Watanabe, Sheri Edwards and the fine bloggers below are some of those who have made blogging special for me.

One of these is a local friend who has been blogging longer than I, one is a brand new blogger sharing her beautiful photographs, one is a young teacher fairly new to blogging, and three are friends I met in the teacher blogging challenge in January of 2011.

Nancy CarrollTeaching is Elementary


JoAnn JacobsColor Wheel Symphony

Theresa AllenCSRN Technology

Lyn HowlinCosy Corner

Laura CoughlinLove::Teaching

How Has Blogging Rocked Your World?

I am tagging these six to join us in the #Rockstar meme. Should you choose to accept this challenge, you can write a blog post telling how blogging has rocked your world. Link back to the original post by Miguel and then tag five (or six, as Sheri and I did) more participants.

Thanks for rocking my world with your beautiful blogging and the connections you have made with my students and me. You are all ROCKSTARS!

13 thoughts on “You Are a #Rockstar

  1. You are definitely a rockstar! And I think “like-minded colleagues” has been most important for me – of which you are one 🙂 Your posts keep wind in my sails when there isn’t much of a breeze in my neck of the woods!


  2. OK, Laura, that is so funny! Just as I was updating my post, you were here commenting. Thanks!

    After I wrote this post this afternoon, I left right away out of town. Right away I realized when I returned home that I would need to go back and finish! You are a rockstar, and I love reading your reflections on teaching literature to junior highers. Thanks for being one of my like-minded colleagues.

  3. Denise, I feel very humbled by being included in your ‘rockstar’ list. Blogging has certainly changed my teaching and introduced me to many wonderful people like yourself. Like tmallen; I’m up for the challenge to rock it right back…just let me sleep on it tonight. Lyn

    1. Lyn,
      Oh, good! I was hoping you would participate. I will look forward to your post. I, like you, think meeting such awesome colleagues who share my values is definitely one of the highlights of blogging for me.

  4. Denise,
    I am honored and humbled to be included. Even though I have always been a writer, it has been a part of my private life. Your wanting to continue the photo project forced me to go public. For that alone, I will be eternally grateful.
    Thank you, my friend,

    1. Oh, JoAnn,
      See what I mean! You have a beautiful way with words. I am very honored to have a small part in encouraging your public blogging. Thank you for the kind words.

  5. Denise,
    I am so honored and taken aback by this sweet gesture. A day doesn’t go by that I think of all the wonderful folks I have met through blogging and twitter. As I have stated before, you are such an inspiration and I am so glad we connected.

    You are the true Rockstar!!! I will pass along the Meme (but it may have to wait until this weekend as I would like to make a thoughtful post!!!).

    Thank you again for your comments, ideas and encouragement!

  6. Nancy,
    I can relate. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t mention one of my blogging / Twitter friends to my students, teacher friends or family. It’s like I have a whole group of new acquaintances to relate to. Great fun!

    I knew you were one whose world was also rocked by blogging, so I’ll look forward to your post. Thanks for participating!


  7. As always, Denise, your post is inspirational. We are so fortunate in this day to have the ability to expand our world and learn from others. I too follow your six rockstars! All are amazing minds that help me grow as a teacher and learning. Thanks.

  8. Denise,

    Fabulous post, and amazing #Rockstars have been named! Like JoAnn, I need to thank you, Sheri, and the community you’ve created at #TFotoFri for getting me excited to pick up my camera again. I minored in art in college, but only on rare occasions am able to paint. Photography is something I can do most of the time, but often would not pick up the camera out of fear of pain from my disease (I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, which is in the Rheumatoid family). So, not only am I inspired in blogging, but also to take notice of the beauties and glories surrounding us, captured in photography. Thank you so much!

    Kind regards,

  9. Dear Sheri and Tracy,
    Thanks to both of you for including me in your PLN. I am honored and inspired by you. Tracy, thanks for sharing with us about your disease. I am sorry, but I can see that you control it with your excellent attitude and spirit, rather than have it beat you.

    Thanks again, friends,

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