Using iMovie as a Teleprompter

Krayton took the role of President of the United States for a history assignment recently. She typed her speech into a scrolling credits text box on iMovie. She played with it for a while to find the right speed.

After practicing, she opened Photo Booth and started it videotaping. Then she started the “movie”, which was only scrolling credits. When you do this, Photo Booth is actually in back of iMovie, so the distraction of having to look at yourself while it’s filming you is not there. Make multiple scrolling credit clips if you need more than a two-minute speech, as there seems to be a two-minute limit, at least on iMovie ’08. There will be a big gap, where you just take a break. Then continue to speak when the next one begins.

During breaks and when she messed up, Krayton just kept the camera rolling. After she gave the whole speech, she edited the movie on iMovie. Here is her final project.

4 thoughts on “Using iMovie as a Teleprompter

  1. This is just too clever and way cool! I’m sure this would ‘prompt’ students into writing all kinds of speeches just so they could try it! Will be trying this one out.

    Thanks Denise for sharing!

    By the way, your student did a wonderful job – I would have guessed that she memorized it. It was apparent she had spent time practicing and rehearsing. Good job!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! It is a fun way to give speeches, and it makes sense to let them practice like this–the way many professionals do it. A few years ago my each of my students read a part of Obama’s inaugural address this way. It was a beautiful piece, I thought.

      This student is a superb speaker! A speech she did last year did very well at the Iowa state fair!


  2. Denise,
    I meant to write that she sounds very professional and her speech makes so much sense! The middle schoolers just take it to that level that make them seem so grown up!
    You are providing your students with real world tools! Way to go!

  3. Thanks, Nancy! She’ll be proud to read these comments. She’s a genius who is changing the world in many ways with her creativity and productivity!

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