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When I joined a conversation with a broader education community during this past year, my teaching was transformed. I realized that everyone has something to contribute. We all have different experiences, locales, giftedness, and interests. I began to find my voice.

I like the way Malyn Mawby, a wise woman who blogs at Love2Learn, describes this. She wrote a great post called “Of Hopes and Dreams” where she shares about what she wants for her growing children. Her hope for her children is not just for “happiness,” which is vague. Instead, her hope is for her children “to find and use their voice.” Nice!

Voice has been on my mind lately, as I consider the one-year anniversary of the transformation of my teaching. I want to continue to grow and contribute, so I have decided to join the 30 Goals Challenge led by Shelly Terrell. The first goal is a Me Manifesto.

Today my manifesto, which is continually developing, centers around the word VOICE.

  1. I find ways for each of my students to develop and use his/her voice inside and outside of the classroom.
  2. I share my voice with the world.
  3. I join with other passionate educators and pre-service teachers who are finding and sharing their voices.

Throughout the challenge, I will share more about what drives me. It will be good to develop this manifesto over the course of the challenge.

My students’ latest project. They shared themselves and were very proud!

5 thoughts on “My One Word

  1. Oh my! *blushing*
    Seriously, I’m glad that my post inspired you. I am convinced about the power of finding and using one’s voice. It is sad that some never get to do both, for whatever reason, and I think they’re the unhappy ones.

    Finding and using one’s voice is a concrete manifestation of a happy self. So in wishing it for my kids, I have effectively wished for them happiness….in a very concrete and practicable way.

    Good luck on your journey to meet your 30 goals!

  2. Thanks, Malyn. Yes, I agree about the happiness that we find when we know ourselves and share ourselves with others. Thanks for clarifying that here. You say it well on your post.

    I appreciate you!

  3. Voice… A powerful and meaningful word. Through modelling your own voice you provide inspiration for others to find theirs! Thank you for sharing your voice. đŸ˜€ I’m curious to check out your manifesto too. đŸ˜€

  4. Hugh, thanks for reading my one word post, which for now is my manifesto. At the end of the 30 Days Challenge, I plan to re-visit this little post about VOICE and see if my thoughts have developed or changed. Then I’ll redo my Me Manifesto. Thanks again for the visit and encouraging me to use my voice!


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