Goal #2 – Magical Moments in Teaching

In The 30 Goals Challenge 2012, Goal #2 is Highlight Your Magical Teaching Moment.

It’s hard for me to think of one defining magical moment. Instead, there are magical moments daily, cumulatively making me know that I have the best job in the entire world. I am lucky and blessed to be able to spend my day learning and growing with junior highers. Anyway, here is just one magical moment of the year.

Miss A began a novel during genius hour, and she continued in November during National Novel Writing Month. She has been a writer for a while, but she is now writing more than ever. She regularly blogs about her life and experiences. Last month she wrote a short story for submission to a writing contest in our area. She won first place and went on to state competition.

Here is what she wrote in a blog post about the contest:

In geography Mrs. Krebs came in and said I won first place in a writing competition. Another classmate got second. I am happy that I won…My story was about growing up. It had to be 750 words at the most. It was hard not to go over the limit but I did it. I am excited. I can’t wait until I’m a published Author. The story was about a girl who lost her best friend because of cancer. She tried to kill herself then realized that she could help others instead of being miserable and sulky.

Miss A is developing her skills, finding her voice, and sharing it with the world. That is what it’s all about!

Miss A. was working on a song this morning.

5 thoughts on “Goal #2 – Magical Moments in Teaching

  1. Mrs. Denise,

    This is Candace. I really enjoy reading your blogs because they get me excited about becoming a teacher myself. I cannot wait to get that magical moment in teaching. I love when children get excited about learning and when they have that excited feeling when they finally understand. I can tell that you feel the same way! I hope I will be a teacher that children love to be in my class. Thank you!


  2. Candace,
    Thank you for reading my blog.

    It is very exciting when I can engage students so they want to learn. It sounds like you have had some experiences like that in your pre-service experiences! It is a very special time when you finally get your own classroom too. How soon will that be for you?


  3. Hi Denise,
    You and your students worked hard on the NaNoWriMo and it’s wonderful that several of your students received recognition. That would rank right up there with a magical teaching moment – to know that you were a part of the opportunity that allowed a student to shine! She will always look back on her year with you and remember the confidence and belief her teacher showed.

    Denise, you inspire so many….students and adults! Thank you for always sharing!


    1. Hi Nancy,
      Thank you for coming to visit and the encouraging words. Funny you mention about the encouragement for my budding author. Today we began reading the book The Outsiders in her literature class. When the students found out that the author, S.E. Hinton, was only 16 when she wrote it, they mentioned that Miss A is only 13 and look what she’s written!

      Thanks again for the inspiration you give to children and adults!

  4. Mrs. Denise,

    I will hopefully graduate in 2013. I cannot wait until I have my own class! Thanks for commenting back to me!


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