Agents of Change vs. Status Quo

Here’s my report back after a few days of history class where students OWNED this standard:

Understand the role of individuals and groups within a society as promoters of change or the status quo.

  • Understand that specific individuals and the values those individuals held had an impact on history.
  • Understand significant events and people, including women and minorities, in the major eras of history.

They came up with presentations, movies, and blog posts to show how they understood this Iowa Core standard. You can find links to their projects here.

However, when I read this quote from Becca’s blog post, it made me realize this unit was a success:

When we had to present, I saw all the other topics and I saw how hard the people [in history] tried to change the status quo. It makes me want to change things that are important. When you look at how hard they tried to make a change in history, and they didn’t do it just for them–it was for other people who wanted what they wanted.

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3 thoughts on “Agents of Change vs. Status Quo

  1. Denise,
    Becca’s post got to the heart of the learning, to instill a want to make positive change. It was a wonderful moment for all of you!

  2. JoAnn,
    So true! I thought her comment went beyond what I had even hoped for the lesson. She taught me something yesterday–to have high expectations for them and their ability to be empathetic!

    The standard says they would understand. What does that look like anyway? I guess the best understanding is one that would transform us from the inside out. What a dream to have them learn that!

    Thanks, JoAnn!

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