November 2012

Blurring the Lines Between Author and Audience

When I first started teaching, I typed my students’ stories on an Apple IIE computer and printed them on a dot-matrix printer. I used the book-binding machine in the office to make books for our classroom library. We wrote letters to authors and delighted in their return replies. We had young authors’ days, where parents… Read more Blurring the Lines Between Author and Audience

My Brother

In Loving Memory Richard B. Reed June 16, 1943 – November 13, 2012 On Tuesday evening this week, my healthy, exuberant, funny, life-loving brother died unexpectedly of a heart attack. It was a surprise and shock for all of his family and friends. Of course, I’ve been thinking of him all week and the hole… Read more My Brother


J: Did I use the right ‘their’ here? Me: Yes, how did you know? J: I just guessed. Me: You only had a 1 out of 3 chance by guessing. Maybe it was just a good guess. Or, maybe you know more than you think you do. J: (big smile) Maybe.

An Open Letter to My Pre-Service and New Teacher Friends

Dear Friends, I’ve finally learned a few important things about teaching that I’ll never let go. I wish I could have put into practice all these things from the start, but I’m offering them now to you. PLEASE spend some time reading about and considering these priorities in your classroom. And, even more importantly, if… Read more An Open Letter to My Pre-Service and New Teacher Friends

ITEC 2012

Connected educator. Leader. Learner. Colleague of my students. My life as an educator has changed dramatically over the past two years. One of the ways can be illustrated in my experience with ITEC, which is Iowa Technology and Education Connection, a conference held each October. 2010 – Brenda and Mary went to ITEC and came… Read more ITEC 2012