The World Needs Your Contribution! How My PLN Changed My Life

I loved telling my story about how my teaching life has been transformed over the past three years, thanks to my PLN. It was called The World Needs Your Contribution: How My PLN Changed Everything

Below you will find the slides from my Reform Symposium Conference session (on Twitter: #RSCON4). The presentation has links to all the resources mentioned.

Here is a link to the recording if you want to listen to the 53-minute recording.

Whiteboard for my RSCON4 session

PDF of Chat from my session

Recordings for all the sessions at RSCON4 here.

More about RSCON4 here.

4 thoughts on “The World Needs Your Contribution! How My PLN Changed My Life

  1. Fabulous presentation! I am so grateful that I met you! You push my thinking all of the time and I have learned so much from you. Thank goodness for social media and for having you in my PLN.

    Happy to call you a colleague and friend, even though we have never taught together. Or even taught in the same country. That is the power of a PLN. It has changed my life too.

  2. Thanks, Gallit!
    I am better because of you. It’s really true together we are smarter. Thanks for hanging in there with me. (I sure said a lot of ums!)

    Thanks so much,

  3. Denise,
    I too am so glad we connected. You have inspired me in so many different ways. I know I am a better teacher/human because of you! Thank you for being a part of my learning/teaching/online/PLN Journey!!!


    1. Thank you, Nancy! You were one of my very first connections. It seemed magical, and I too am thankful for all that you’ve added to my life!


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