Day 19 – #AprilBlogADay – Tech

Tech in the classroom – Should we? Why? How? 

Yes, of course we should use technology in the classroom. If we need it, we should use technology. Technology is great when it improves the way we get things done. Writing with pencils is definitely better than using a lead stylus on papyrus, a quill dipped in a bottle of ink, or chipping away at rocks to make a mark.

I wrote a post a couple years ago because I was asked by a junior higher, “Why do we join so many websites?”

Too Much Technology?” I asked in the post. After reflecting on it, though, I came to the conclusion that I was not asking too much of them. All of them needed practice and skill development to use the various tools in our classroom and online. The fact that digital natives still need practice to develop skills is reason enough to use technology in the classroom.

How we do technology in the classroom depends on our situation and what’s available. When I taught junior high in Iowa, we were blessed to have enough Mac Books for all the students. We used technology readily and regularly. Now I teach Kindergarten, so we don’t use technology like I used to. We do, however, have a Mimio board, and we blog to connect with pen pal friends in Iowa.  Oh, and we use pencils too.

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