Going Out With Flair

I read a blog post yesterday by Sean Farnum, “I Like My Year End to Be Too Busy.” He jam-packs the last month of school with engaging and connecting activities and projects to keep his students learning and wanting to come to school. He even jokes about postponing the end of the year because there is so much going on. I complained of spring fever this week, so this struck me as something I might do with my kindergarten students.

Later in the day, just by chance, I found some ideas for us on this Tweeted Times paper by Katie Ann.

Here are Three Ways to Conquer Spring Fever With Fun and Connections. We’ll be trying all of these.

  • Before May 1 introduce ourselves to some New Zealand 5-6 year-olds at Mr. Kemp’s school.

  • Pernille Ripp’s seventh graders are making plays that we can watch and review. 

  • Make Earth Day every day in May and June. We will be sharing our Earth Day experiences with our Iowa pen pals. Plus, we’ll be continuing our campaign of “Our School, Our Earth,” so we’ll have lots to do.

If you are a teacher of young ones, you can do these things too. Or, if not these, how are you going to conquer spring fever with fun and connections?