Who Knows? #sol17 Day 6

I noticed the writing quote on the Slice of Life webpage today: “The act of writing stimulates thought, so when you cannot think of anything to write, start writing anyway.” (Barbara Fine Clouse)

This quote of the day spoke to me, so I just decided to come here and get started.

It doesn’t seem to be working though…

I just took a break and made that graphic above. But writing is not coming.

Betsy shared in the announcements that there was a new badge for those of us who are blogging alongside our students.

Yippee! That’s me! Is that badge-worthy?

Yes, I’m doing that.


Yes, I’m also new to slicing.

I’m exhausted.

I need a few more badges, maybe.

I’m struggling, but as I said in my first post, writing heals and keeps me sane.

I want to finish this month well, so I’m giving myself a few more badges. I’m going to be my own cheerleader.

So here are some more badges for me today.

And here’s to hanging in there!


When I started writing this post, my only motivation was to “start writing anyway” because I couldn’t think of anything to write. I entitled the post Who Knows? before I started because I had no idea where I was going. I published it before I remembered that was the title. Oops…

8 thoughts on “Who Knows? #sol17 Day 6

  1. I love your badges and have worn many of them myself from time to time. Your inventive thinking did shine through this post and I’m so glad you did just decide to write without much planning!

  2. Today it seemed like I hit a wall with writing too. I stared at my screen for a few minutes before inspiration finally kicked in. I earned a similar badge to falling asleep at your computer on Friday. However I fell asleep while my hairdresser washed hair. I was so embarrassed.

  3. Great badges and I can see why you are exhausted! I love the orange slices!

  4. Love your badges and your creativity. Really? Three grade levels in three years? You deserve something more than a badge!

  5. You are a testimony to the importance of just showing up and doing the writing. Your stress and humor both came through- but still you persist! Great way to create a slice. I love the badges you gave yourself!

  6. I am laughing so much reading your post and seeing all of your badges. Also know that your voice and thoughts will be missed if you don’t post. That helps me – knowing that someone is looking forward to reading what I write. Hang in there!

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