My Hands are Full and My Brain is Empty

Today is another busy day at my school. We will soon be inspected by a government agency, so I am busy in my room preparing evidence and organizing piles that have gotten out of hand.

Last night I was tired and had a lot of work I could do. Instead, though, I chose to bake chocolate chip cookies. Sometimes baking is the best stress-relieving therapy, so I baked and ate. I brought most of the cookies to school today. I told my department colleagues if they could find the golden box in my room, they would find a treat to help get them through the busy day.

Can you find the golden box? Help yourself!

My hands are full of work today, but I brought a golden box of cookies. Who wants some? #cy365 #t365project

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10 thoughts on “My Hands are Full and My Brain is Empty

  1. Cookies make everything better! Hope everything goes well this week for you!

    1. Thank you, Ashley. I appreciate the well wishes. I have a couple more busy days to finish my preparations. Then we will be on the downhill.

  2. What a great idea. Being under the lens is always stressful – making and sharing a sweet treat will be a pick me up for all.

  3. Somebody (I wish I remembered who!) recently sliced about rage baking:) I agree, baking can cure so many things. What a nice stress reliever!

  4. How in the world did you get your picture to look like that?! So cool đŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Aileen. I get no credit for that photo. I have a “wide aperture” setting on my phone. You just focus on what you want in focus, the rest is blurred.

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