Ghee Ghee and Leah

Thursday is my kid sitting evening. Ghee Ghee and Leah come while their parents lead the youth group at church. It’s convenient that we live right next door.

Ghee Ghee and Leah are not their real names. Those were their “baby” names tonight. They built their fort tonight as babies, complete with baby talk. I made a short attempt at this blog post, but that didn’t last. While they built the fort, I said I would record the progress through photographs. I did for awhile.


The babies stayed busy with the fort for some time. Next Ghee Ghee and Leah became Silverback Gorilla and Baby Gorilla #1. The Silverback saved us all by fighting off lions.

Then we ate raisins.

Next we ate cheese while reading Oxcart Man.

We discussed punctuation marks.

Then we baked brownies.
Then we made necklaces with beads.

Those are just the things I remember! They were only here for a little over an hour, but now I’m exhausted and ready to put my feet up.

4 thoughts on “Ghee Ghee and Leah

  1. Wow! Busy kids! Aren’t they lucky to have all those activities at hand! You did a great job sharing the frenzy.

  2. No wonder you are exhausted. It sounds like a fun-filled, adventure-packed night!

    1. Thanks, Aileen, it usually is! I saw the little guy at church today, and he asked me if I wanted the gorillas to come back next week.

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