My Favorite Conversation with a Student Today

It was an email conversation last night, actually. (I wanted to wait and ask his permission to share it with you, and he said I could.)

Last week the U.S. sprung ahead for Daylight Savings Time. In Bahrain, as in most of Asia, there is no such time change. We had this conversation through email.

S: Hi Mrs. Denise, the time in the U.S. has jumped ahead 1 hour!!!


Me: Yes, that’s right! I’m glad we don’t change!

S: I saw that from the slice of life challenge website that at 2am u.s time, they jumped ahead one hour that means they became 3 am !!!

I didn’t respond again at that time, but a week later, he sent me a followup email:

Does Donald Trump changed it?

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Conversation with a Student Today

  1. Oh, my! On the one hand, this is funny. On the other hand, it’s very disturbing. I had a friend whose son was once totally preoccupied with where that hour went. He was determined to stay awake all night to be alert when it disappeared.

  2. It is always interesting to unpack what kids are thinking.

  3. Love this conversation (especially the punchline). That’s a good one!

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