So many blog posts!

I have been spending the last three hours publishing my students’ blog posts, with a few distractions. It has been my first year blogging with grade 5.

I never had so much enthusiasm with grade 7-8 when I taught them blogging. They were older, more capable, and native English speakers, but they were also more reluctant. Now I have 50 students, English language learners, busy with lots of homework and a testing kind of culture, yet so many of them choose to write and comment from home in the evenings and weekends. It’s been great fun!

Today, the busyness with my class blog, plus the fact that I spent the day in the hospital is making this my Slice of Life post. (I was in the hospital with my husband, who is recovering from some medical issues–not all resolved yet.)



3 thoughts on “So many blog posts!

  1. It is great fun to give kids a chance to share their voices. How devoted you are to spend three hours! I wonder why you have to publish their posts. When I could choose my own platform I used KidBlog, which was really easy. Now I am at a GoogleApps school, so we use Blogger, which is also easy. My students send me the link to their post so that I can post their links on our slicer blog- quick and easy for me. Maybe too late for you for this year, but something to consider in the future.

  2. Thanks, Erika, for the advice. You have grade 3, don’t you? And they are doing a great job.

    My students actually are all Users on our class blog (except for 2 who have “earned” their own blog).

    One reason it took me so long is I had made an assignment that all the students would write a Mother’s Day post. That is 50 students. A few of them had trouble with images, so I was also making sure they got their images from Pixabay or OpenClipart — the two sources I said they could use. A few plagiarized Mother’s Day poems from online, so I was writing them notes on their post to remind them they couldn’t do that.

    Anyway, it did take a lot of time, though, I was also distracted at times with other diversions.

    Thanks for your constant support this month!


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