The Princess and the Pea

Last night, I was reminded of the old story, The Princess and the Pea. My husband is trying to heal a bad back and looking for just the right mattress.

Since we have a memory foam pad on our bed, last night’s experiment was for him to not use the memory foam. We just folded the pad over onto my side of the bed, and I fell into a big soft pillow, falling right to sleep like a princess.

However, like the princess in the story, my sleep was disrupted with a bit of tossing and turning. Unlike the princess, it was not because I felt some foreign object through all the mattresses. I felt a bit smothered by all the softness.

Tonight we’ll try something new.

3 thoughts on “The Princess and the Pea

  1. I sure hope he can get some rest – and you too. Nothing worse when you are in pain, than not being able to sleep. Glad he’s home.

  2. Ha- it is always funny what we all need to feel “just right” and bed is where we need our comfort the most. Great way to tell your story. I hope you find a solution you both can enjoy.

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