A Day in the Kitchen

I have so much I could have done today–write a Slice of Life post, write an #EdublogsClub post, finish Shift This by Joy Kirr (I’m close), or work on school work (that’s a whole other to-do list).

Instead, I did what I’m good at and what I love. I stayed in the kitchen. (Am I an expert? My husband thinks so.)

I made Spanish rice, chicken fajitas, black beans and salsa and all the fixings. I baked tahini chocolate chip cookies for dessert. (That is a magical little recipe, by the way.) I even cleaned out the Tupperware cupboard.

Each Tuesday evening this summer, we host our pastor and his son who are home while the rest of their family is in the U.S. We have them over for dinner with dessert. Then we send the leftovers home with them for the next day. They are always so appreciative, and I love cooking for anyone with a good appetite.

Today Keith was giving the tour of the buffet line. “We’re having Mexican rice bowls. It’s like at Chipotle’s–you just put whatever you want into your bowl,” he said.

Minus the E. coli, I thought to myselfthough I didn’t want to say it aloud.

After dinner and the dishes, I sat down to write this post. Since today’s Capture Your 365 theme was “Relaxing,” I took this picture–one of the first times I relaxed today.

Relaxing. #cy365 #t365project#jjaproject

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11 thoughts on “A Day in the Kitchen

  1. Sounds like a great meal! I have also enjoyed some extra cooking time this summer. It’s so fun to share good cooking with friends!

  2. Christie and Andrea,
    Thank you for commenting. Yes, what a blessing to share food with others! Especially during the summer when our schedules are more relaxed, eh?

  3. Denise, your meal sounds wonderful and the cookies look interesting. What flavor does the tahini add to your chocolate chips? I love baking.

    1. You know, Carol, it was hard to identify. We shared them with our guests–one being gluten-free–they were pleasantly surprised at the texture and taste. They weren’t able to identify the tahini flavor until perhaps after they were told.

  4. I love how you added a nice photo to this post. It made me feel right there with you!

  5. I need to get in the kitchen more… but then we wouldn’t eat so much! ;D Thanks for sharing this gem, Denise!

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