January 2019

Wendy’s Creative Constraint: A #Modigiwri Game

I just came to my computer after a busy day to comment on a blog post for #blogging28, but I saw this tweet and conversation by Sheri and Wendy regarding Wendy’s playful post for the #MoDigiWri challenge and Sheri’s response. Wendy’s Word Work https://t.co/hyPHCWdmHo #modigiwri #blogging28 for @wentale Thanks for the reminder @anna_phd — Sheri… Read more Wendy’s Creative Constraint: A #Modigiwri Game

Blogging 28

I started this blog several years ago in the fall of 2010. It was all new for me and my junior high students. We gradually learned to blog, thanks to the Kick Start Your Blogging Challenge from Edublogs and the biannual Student Blogging Challenges. It was great and we made lots of connections. When I… Read more Blogging 28