Day 1 Slice of Life – Here I Sit

It’s March again. Maybe I should do the Slice of Life. I just saw this tweet by Tracy Vogelgesang and it inspired me.

That, and the fact that I need more creative outlets these days.

Here was my day, sitting at this desk/dining table.

A week ago today one of my girls came late to the library. I asked her why she wasn’t with the class. She said, “My mom told me to stop and wash my hands every time I pass a restroom.” That was my first warning that COVID-19 was coming to Bahrain. That same day, we began noticing the reports. There were no registered cases of the coronavirus in the Kingdom but 74 had been tested. All those who have traveled to such-and-such countries should come in or call to be tested. A home for the elderly near the airport was evacuated and patients placed in private hospitals. This was to create a quarantine facility for possible cases.

By the next day, a bus driver dropped kids off at three schools before discovering that he had contracted the disease himself. Those three schools were closed. That night people bought all the hand sanitizer and face masks in Bahrain.

The next day students brought the hand sanitizer and wore the face masks to school. Not exactly everyone, but it was now part of the landscape of our school, and all the other schools here. By the evening, all schools had been closed for two weeks.

In one week we went from 0 cases to 6… 8… 17… 23… 26… 33… 36… 38… 41… 47, with no deaths.  God bless Bahrain’s skilled commitment to containing this disease.

We are now doing school virtually. Thus my dining table desk and my need to do Slice of Life.

8 thoughts on “Day 1 Slice of Life – Here I Sit

  1. Oh my, Denise! How frightening! Thank goodness people are acting promptly to keep this virus contained. I hope you find the slice of life to be an outlet and a source of support during this time!

    1. Thank you, Tracy. Yes, I needed something creative and more than just reading student lessons and over-planning my next one. All the best to you as you jump into creating with the freedom of your granddaughter.

  2. Oh, this sounds hard and also good news about being proactive. I hope you are able to hang in there with good health.

    1. Mandy, thank you. Yes, we are laying low. It seems the best way to prevent coming in contact with the germs. We have been impressed with the communication from the government. Because its a small island, they know they have to work hard to stop it.

  3. We are still teaching in person in Phnom Penh. Hang on through these hard days!

  4. Oh my! That is scary and now I see your need to write! Stay safe and healthy!

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