Day 12 Slice of Life – Finding Wifi

So, I used 8 gigs of data in two days at home. It’s this Virtual Learning Initiative, not the usual suspect (watching political talking heads).

My husband was glad when I left home to go to school to finish making my videos for next week’s lessons.

They had already given the teachers student wifi access so we could work on our own devices to create screencasts and other videos, but the wifi didn’t reach to my room in the elementary department. That’s why I preferred to do the work at home.

Today, I tried again at school. I started working to edit my video using Screencastify, and it stalled. It was my first attempt using the editor, so I don’t know if it was slow Internet or the editor itself. When I tried to add a second clip, I failed miserably and somehow lost the almost-finished edit.

I carried my open laptop down the hall looking for a better connection. I stopped in a supervisor’s office to a welcoming sofa and snack, but no wifi. I stayed long enough to get a snack, but then was on my way again. I headed down the hall to a high school teacher friend’s room, but she was having a department meeting. Next stop, balancing my laptop and crumb cake, was at the IT Office, where Rey set me up with a new wifi connection, the best in the school, he promised.

I kept walking toward the office until the wifi bars brightened and signaled a promise that this task would finish before the sun set. I found a place to sit in a lonely staff lounge, quiet and the wifi worked–undoubtedly the best in the school.

After a couple hours, I finished editing and uploading the two videos for next week’s lessons. Then I went home, where it appears I have a few GBs of data for another day.