Day 17 Slice of Life – Too Much Computer

I am exhausted, and my eyes are crossing. I thought I would have more time to do the Slice of Life this March because school was called off on February 25. I expected to have some quiet.  Unbelievably, I thought maybe some boring times. Instead, I feel I am sitting every waking minute at the computer.

Today I was reminded to turn in a report about the project my students did this year. I needed to send the rubric, the unit plan description and photos. For the life of me, I couldn’t even remember what quarter we did it (there was just 1 and 2), what the project was or if I had taken any photos. The project is 100 points and we spend a good chunk of time with it. Finally, I had to look at my year plan to remember anything about it.

That is really, really unlike me. It is time to take rest!

5 thoughts on “Day 17 Slice of Life – Too Much Computer

  1. I am wasting time on the computer! LOL At least you can say that you are doing actual work.

  2. It is a crazy time! The whole world is buckling under the weight of all that is going on. How is your virtual learning going? How long do you think you will have to continue?

    1. Tracy, I just received a heart-warming email from a parent thanking me for making the lessons engaging and helping his child want to do the lessons. That woke me up to tears of joy today.

  3. I’ve noticed the same with staring at the computer screen. My eyes hurt and I feel exhausted by it all. How are things going with so much time off?

    1. Well, fortunately we are still able to go to the school to work. I stay as busy as I have always been, but with different work. We are giving constant feedback and help to students and parents. Then when I come home I try to take some time off work.

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