Day 19 Slice of Life – Birthday Wishes

Before we left on our Corona distancing holiday, the teachers and admin chipped in money for a birthday celebration for our vice principal. Then about a week before her birthday, we had to leave school. We celebrated during a virtual meeting and sent her with a virtual birthday card on her special day. But today, we surprised her with the gift we had bought for her last month.

The few supervisors, coordinators, and teachers who were on campus gathered in the room next door. Then we went into her room singing, “Happy Birthday.”  We were all spread out around the room, no hugs, no kisses, no cake. Just a VP who was touched and thankful for the gold necklace we got for her.

Everyone said goodbye and filed out of the room.

Celebrating in our new way.

4 thoughts on “Day 19 Slice of Life – Birthday Wishes

  1. Everything is being done in new way. I bet your vice principal felt blessed to celebrated and that you all thought about her.

    1. Yes, she did feel blessed. She was a bit teary eyed and didn’t want to say many words because of being on the verge of tears.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Many events will be affected by this pandemic. Some of the changes may be here to stay, that is an interesting thought.

    1. Yes, I was surprised to read that the harder you work to flatten the curve, the more elongated the outbreak. Will we be able to keep the changes? This in Washington Post recently:

      Doing that will require Americans to “flatten the curve” — slowing the spread of the contagion so it doesn’t overwhelm a health-care system with finite resources. That phrase has become ubiquitous in our national conversation. But what experts have not always made clear is that by applying all that downward pressure on the curve — by canceling public gatherings, closing schools, quarantining the sick and enforcing social distancing — you elongate the curve, stretching it out over a longer period of time.

      Success means a longer — though less catastrophic — fight against the coronavirus. And it is unclear whether Americans — who built this country on ideals of independence and individual rights — would be willing to endure such harsh restrictions on their lives for months, let alone for a year or more.

      Coronavirus will radically alter the U.S., Washington Post

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