My First Tuesday Slice of Life, And I Missed It Already

This morning I was reading a friend’s blog, and I saw Joy had shared several slices of her Coronavirus life. She made a good recommendation–to document this time of our lives to remember and share later. In the comments I suggested she share links each Tuesday for Slice of Life. When I said that, I realized it was Wednesday in Bahrain. I looked at the time, 7:00 a.m., which is midnight on the east coast in the U.S! It’s still Tuesday in some parts of the country. So here I go!

(Ah, make that Thursday morning here! It was Wednesday that just finished in the U.S.)

I waited a whole week to join the Slice of Life family again, after such a wonderful month of March writing. The writing support is so great, and reading the slices of life of others is uplifting, nurturing.

But sadly Tuesday came and went, and I missed it.

I will add it to my calendar and try again next week!

I’ll be posting at Do you want to join me?

2 thoughts on “My First Tuesday Slice of Life, And I Missed It Already

  1. Denise, I’ll bet it takes writers a long time to see all the other posts anyway – no worries! I don’t know how you keep track of days here and there – especially with all these days morphing into one. You GOT this! Thanks for the comments, the support, and the nudge to continue writing. đŸ™‚ xo

  2. Thanks, Joy. It was so funny when I saw your post this morning and then noticed it was dated the 8th, I thought, “How could she do that?” It’s only the 7th there. Then I looked and saw that it was the 9th for me, actually! I had lost a day this week. I’ll look forward to getting started next Tuesday.

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