2020 Neologisms

Today’s prompt from Suleika is to identify or create some neologisms that you are using in this unprecedented time.

  1. corona news (n.) – “What’s happened now?” we ask each other every morning, still evening of the previous day in the U.S. Sadly, it always includes counts from Johns Hopkins, ridiculous antics in the White House, and more. We share just enough to keep praying, but not enough to lose heart and our sanity.
  2. Zoom fatigue (n.) – I’ve learned my absolute limit of Zoom meetings is five in a day. Zoom fatigue begins at around Zoom #3.
  3. butt alert (n.) – After several hours of online work, sometimes my posterior shouts at me, “Get up, you lazy slug and walk somewhere, anywhere. You can’t sit on me another moment!” Typically, I totally disregard my hourly Fitbit alerts and wait for the infrequent but unrelenting butt alert.
  4. data drainers (n.) – Creating teaching videos, uploading to YouTube, downloading files from students, and all the other activities that regularly require me have to hoard, make-do, and buy extra data before the month is over.
  5. house plant pamper (v.) – I have no pets or children at home, so my plants are getting extra TLC.
  6. buzzard talk (n.) – “So what do you want to do today? I don’t know what do you want to do?”
  7. family gathering (n.) – What’sApp family group where Dad tells Dad jokes, links are shared, family meetings are planned, daily life photos are presented, incredible meal creations and recipes are unveiled and more.
  8. daily bread bulge (n.) – An etheree about my daily…Bread
    Staff of life
    Loaves freshly baked
    Multi-grain, whole wheat
    Sourdough, comforting white
    Not just loaves, but bagels, naan,
    Muffins, sweet bread, pancakes, corn bread,
    Tortillas, chapati, ciabatta
    How many pounds and breads before we’re done?
  9. culinary kaleidoscope (n.) – Before we began sheltering in place, I loved it when my husband cooked or we went out for dinner. Really, my husband cooked more than I ever did, and we went out once or twice a week. This time has turned my life in the kitchen into a culinary kaleidoscope. I always have a list of future meals and can’t wait to try the next one. Who knew I loved to cook? I didn’t until this season.
  10. prevailing primping practice (n.) – I’m learning the hard way that there is no need for lipstick when I venture out of the house once or twice a week. In fact, it is quite annoying when I forget, wear lipstick, and then rub it off inside my mask. I have just two pairs of footwear now–slippers and a pair of Birks for when I leave. I always do my hair, a little makeup, and a clean blouse for Zoom meetings and creating videos for my students. For the bottoms, of course, who cares!
Fun comics made by Kevin Hodgson.

Do you have a favorite neologism for 2020 that you use?

Tuesday, Day 91 in Bahrain and the third day of Eid Al Fitr. This is Day 56 of The Isolation Journals with Suleika Jaouad and Maria’s birthday. This is also my post for Tuesday’s Slice of Life.

4 thoughts on “2020 Neologisms

    1. These comics are brilliant. The “Culinary Kaleidoscope” reminds me of a recent “Shouts & Murmurs” article in the New Yorker.

  1. I have got to try an etheree. Love that! I haven’t even gotten to today’s prompt. Your yesterday is my today! Maybe that should be my neologism?! (I am at least a step behind lately.)

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