Summer Begins

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Summer is always fun and busy. This one will be something new though. It’s been a few years since I haven’t traveled back to the U.S. during summer.

After today, I can see I will easily fill up my days! My partner at church (partner in goodness, we call each other) and I had a two-hour Zoom meeting to plan an online summer camp for our church school kids. (There are over 100 of them.) They, too, will not be traveling this summer, and the small island of Bahrain gets even smaller during the hot and humid summers. So, we planned and planned and we’re starting next week.

Another thing we are starting tomorrow is a 30 Days of Kindness challenge from CharacterStrong. A few teachers from school and church are joining in to show some kindness to all kinds of people in the month of July. It sounds like a good healthy thing to do in these trying times. Do you want to join in?

So, along with my recharging plans plus all the new plans I continue to make, I think I am on the way to filling up my summer.

7 thoughts on “Summer Begins

  1. What a wonderful plan for July! That may be a project for us all to work on continuously. I agree, it is a wonderfully healthy thing to do in these trying times.

    (Just a note… I didn’t see your link on TWTBlog #SOL today. You might want to try sharing the link again.)

    1. Marina, thank you for stopping by and reading. Yes, I agree–kindness should not need a special month but should be part of every day, month, and year. It’s a most important human response in these times. Thanks so much for letting me know about the missing link. I guess I tried posting it during one of my many connectivity glitches!

  2. Denise, I love your plans! I know your students and recipients of the kindness you share will love them, too. đŸ™‚

  3. You can’t beat summer fun + character-building activities! That sounds amazing and I can sense the joy in your writing.
    Great way to stay positive and motivated this summer!
    Thanks for sharing!

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