When I Feel Creatively Unlocked

My one-minute list (maybe three minutes) included:

  • having supplies on hand, especially recycled items that others might consider throwaways
  • seeing others’ artwork and taking inspiration
  • making something beautiful from a story
  • digital designing to share with others
  • using up stuff
  • roller balls for writing poems, blog posts, newspaper articles
  • at my dining room table
  • my cloud unicorn pencil and colors holders

Quite often I feel like one of the people Anne described in her writing today–the ones who say ‘I can’t’ when asked to draw or participate in something like a mural creation. At times, though, I say ‘I can’ and I even encourage others to join in the process of creating. I’m a teacher, so that helps.

What I have always loved to do is create and make things from throwaways. I still do. Whenever I see a stack, a pile , a lot, or a bunch of anything cool or beautiful, I think about what I or my students can do with them.

I’m also inspired by what others create. For instance, during genius hour this year, I was inspired by so many of my students to create myself. So, other people are a huge part of my inspiration.

Time is so important. I’ve never considered myself an artist, but I have learned by dabbling in visual art, attempting to write poems, and beginning to cook delicious meals that artists and creators work hard. It takes time to make beautiful works of art. When I allow myself time to do the work of creativity, I have more success and fun in the process.

Recipe for Creativity

Piles of stuff that aren’t appreciated by everyone

1/2 cup of vision

A sprinkle of inspiration

Plenty of time to explore and create

Bake warmly and taste the next day. Adjust spices as needed.

Today is Sunday, Day 131 in Bahrain’s coronavirus time, day 96 of The Isolation Journals with Suleika Jaouad. Today’s prompt is by Anne Francey, artist and Suleika’s maman. The prompt is to make “a list of all the things that help you feel creatively unlocked.” Next “write about what it reveals about you and your creative process.”