My Slice of Life is Getting Thinner

Today’s Slice of Life at

Today was our second day of mask-to-mask school.

I was surprised anyone came back, really. I thought maybe they would be conveniently absent or beg to switch to online school, where the faces and voices are clearer.

Because they came, I had a better day. Maybe their being present helped me speak more slowly, loudly, articulately,  and with more purpose. And to work harder to hear them and listen to them fully.

Today was also the first Tuesday in six months that I forgot to do my Slice of Life post. I woke up Wednesday morning, still late Tuesday night in the U.S., and made this post my first priority. I won’t give up my pandemic priorities of living and being more than a school teacher.

So I got up to write this tiny sliver of my life on Tuesday, 8 September 2020.