Chopped Salad

Day 7
I neglected to take a photo of the ingredients this morning, but here is an old one showing some of the herbs we have available. (27 cents a bunch)

My word for 2021 is gratitude. This year I’m practicing! I’m on the lookout for things to be grateful for, especially those things that I will miss when I move back to the U.S. Today it is the salads I make.

Soak, wash, drain, chop, chop, dice, grate, grate, squeeze out extra water. Add each ingredient to my largest bowl. Slip my hands into the bowl and gently toss to mix together.

Cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, a slew of greens–this time, mint leaves, arugula, parsley, cilantro, and  purslane. My goal is always to have at least ten different items in the mix.

Then I put it in a plastic tub with an airtight lid, add several layers of paper toweling on top of the salad, turn the tub upside-down and store it in the refrigerator. If I change the papers and keep the salad as dry as possible, it will last for a week of salads for our family of two.

I will never think of a salad as lettuce and tomatoes again. Now salad is this colorful conglomeration with so many delicious flavors and delightful textures.


8 thoughts on “Chopped Salad

  1. Wow — I want you to make me a salad! It is beautiful, healthy and tasty! For me, cooking has always been a way to be present and grateful. I find it creative, relaxing and productive all at the same time. With my arms broken, I have missed cooking so much — even the feel of chopping. Thank you for letting me live vicariously through your post.

  2. This looks amazing! I love the practice of finding the small things to appreciate and be grateful for. It brings such a happiness boost to take the time to truly appreciate something small like chopping the greens for your salad.

  3. Even though I’m vegetarian, I’m not a huge fan of salad. Your version has me reconsidering my stance. Your salad looks beautiful and I love your search for gratitude in your daily life. Thanks for slowing down this moment and sharing it.

  4. Your salad sounds delicious! And, you add purslane! Purslane is everywhere and I often wonder why, around here, it is just a weed. Gardeners work so hard to get rid of it. Yet, it’s filled with great nutrients. I often think how many people go hungry, don’t have fresh produce, yet, purslane is available to all! Thanks for sharing your use of this vitamin powerhouse.

  5. I became enamored of chopped salad while living in South America. Lettuce was too fraught—parasites and whatnot! Love this bright Slice on a rainy morning. The storage tactic is one I can use. Enjoy these “Salad Days.” (I’m so glad I found your blog again.)

  6. This looks delicious. It gives me ideas about how to use some of the items in my Misfit Market box.

    P. s. Thanks for fixing those settings. 🤗

  7. Oh, what a beautiful ritual, creating such a gorgeous, fresh salad to eat. Absolutely love the way this line reads aloud, “Soak, wash, drain, chop, chop, dice, grate, grate, squeeze out extra water.” All those short, percussive verbs – you can hear the creation! Yum!

  8. You certainly know how to make a great salad, just like my daughters. The variety of greens you have is just amazing and worth pursuing. Yes, lettuce and tomato days are so old now!!

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