A Trip to the Supermarket in Photos

Day 9

A busy day lends itself to a slice of life photo essay of our walk to the grocery store.

People feed the birds with leftover bread and rice.
Outdoor shisha café
I love that I can buy produce without a lot of prepackaged waste.
About that social distancing…
Plexiglass and masks
My husband and this fellow always talk
Fish market
Where even the cats are welcome
Central Café for an evening snack
He’s been making chat here for 22 years. This is called dahi sev puri.
My husband carried the groceries home.
And I carried the dahi sev puri and ate most of it, as well.
My husband got to finish the last bits.
Until tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “A Trip to the Supermarket in Photos

  1. Denise, nothing tells a story quite like pictures, and these are fascinating. I’m always amazed at how much more I notice and am intentional about noticing when I travel or see a new place – – in pictures or in person. Somehow, my antennae go up for tuning in to things when there are things to notice about a different place or culture. I particularly like the backs of people waiting in line; you were careful to preserve their privacy but at the same time showed us what that grocery experience is like. Thank you for bringing me to Bahrain with you today. I also truly loved the sound clip of the call to prayer the other day. Very unique experiences you are living.

  2. I really enjoyed this slice! Thank you for taking the time to capture and share photos of your trip. I hope you’ll do this again! Your captions really added to the overall experience too. Love the cats are welcome!

  3. Denise, thank you for taking us on a wonderful shopping trip. One of my favorite travel activities is visiting local markets. I wish we had less packaging in our produce. I avoid it when possible and skip the plastic bag if I can. I also love that you’re using recyclable bags. We do too. However, some store do t allow them

  4. Thank you for the photo tour. They were vibrant and a glimpse into this market.

  5. Oh, I feel as if traveled somewhere all new! This was so lovely. Pictures truly tell a story! The photo of the shisha cafe, I think it was the second photo – how I loved seeing the architecture of the building itself, the balconies are so intricately designed. The fish market – this was fabulous! That cat, just lingering. You and your husband! Oh, thank you, thank you, for taking me on a tour.

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