Yo-Yo Teaching Today

Day 16

Today I had to get to school at 6:45 for a Covid test, which is required for all teachers every day they are in school. It was self-administered, and we did it in socially-distant small groups at a time for those of us who were just learning how. Next time we can do it on our own. Mine was negative. That’s good.

Then I went to period 1, where grade 11 students presented their social media platform creations, which had to be designed according to the audience they surveyed and studied. It was fun to get to see the passion with which they created and shared. Sometimes after a presentation, a group would ask me if I would want to install their app. I wasn’t sure if my enthusiastic yes was a positive for a teen or a negative!

Next I ran home, had a snack and did my first yo-yo swing to get ready for my grade 1 tutoring small group. We had scavenger hunts for red items, outgrown items, something that rhymes with blue. We listened for rhyming words, clapped together word parts and made compound words and other phonological awareness activities, and then we took an exercise brain break while we tried to read number words.  We had a dance break, marched, bowed, jumped and flew like Superman.

This is such a fun brain break. Click on the image or the link here to go to this and more on the Minds in Bloom blog post.

Then yo-yo back to grade 11 presentations on Zoom and dealing in the chat box with students who were unprepared or had conflicts with their team–issues that they should have dealt with sooner than in class.

The day proceeded like a yo-yo, which I’m glad I don’t do on a regular basis. I think I only have two more Tuesdays like this!

4 thoughts on “Yo-Yo Teaching Today

  1. Hopping from one classroom to another is exhausting. I was a traveling teacher twice in my career. Not my favorite thing to do. I always felt scattered. But it sounds as though you saw some good learning.

  2. I love that I teach middles school all year long and then have the opportunity to teach a week-long TK-K bootcamp. The 4-5 year-olds really fill my cup and help me to appreciate the kind of work I do with older students.

  3. Wow! That is yo-yo teaching. Different classes and very different age groups. That must have been exhausting.

  4. Moving between those two age ranges has got to be hard to do – a real yoyo! Grade 1 and Grade 11? Wow! It must be very hard to change your approach, developmentally – I suspect you do NOT jump and fly like Superman with the 11th graders (but I bet they would love it).

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