A Prayer of Lament

Day 22

Last night in our family Bible study we wrote prayers of lament, like in Psalm 13 (How long, Lord? Will you forget me forever?) and Psalm 22 (My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?).

Prayers of lament start out with protest, continue with petition, and end with some kind of praise, at least anticipated praise. Here is mine:

God are you here in your church?
Why does it not look like heaven?
Why have we distorted your Body so much?
When will we give up white supremacist
theology for the upside down
Realm of Jesus?
Have you abandoned your church?
Do you laugh or cry
about the mess we’ve made of it?

Can you just start over, God?
Re-transfuse the church with your blood,
and do whatever you have to
to make us serve the Jesus of the Bible,
not the “white” Jesus created
by enslavers and murderers.
I want your will to be done
on earth as it is in heaven,
but it is hard to believe it will happen.

I want to praise you
because I know you will fully come.
I do believe,
but help my unbelief.

5 thoughts on “A Prayer of Lament

  1. It is hard to believe in church the way so many envision and practice “church.” It’s why I eschew organized religion, not theology, however. I share your prayer. I saw a disturbing video clip of a priest denigrating President Biden today. *sigh* He needs to see your lamentation.

  2. Thank you for sharing.
    I liked the last two lines. We have to believe not only in ourselves but in the will of God.

  3. What a timely prayer and one I share. I had hopes the pandemic may bring change and pray there is still hope for such a move. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Denise, this is a heartfelt lamentation of the bride of Christ – the church! We are indeed in need of a retransfusion!

  5. Our church service yesterday focused on this same plea, same prayer – the brokenness of the body of Christ as lived out in this world. “When will we give up white supremacist theology?” It’s important to speak up, advocate for, and live out a more loving theology, a true Christianity.

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