Day 23

Today as I sat in an online Sociology class with one or two student faces and many more head tops, I just wanted to cry, “Uncle.” These teenagers really need to get back in school.

Praise God next week is spring break.

6 thoughts on “Uncle

  1. I’m crying uncle on this week too. So happy next week is spring break. Uncle.

  2. This is so hard! I am in awe of every teacher during this virtual learning; my heart breaks for every student.

  3. I’ve been there so many times. We go back to five days a week after break. I’m wondering what happens if all the hard stuff we believe will disappear when they’re back in school, doesn’t. Ugh, We will deal with that when we get there. Until then – know you’re definitely not alone. Keep it up. Good post!

  4. I had to google what “cry uncle” means. Ha… I don’t know how I missed that wording. I felt the same way and when we went back to full in person, it was soooo helpful. I had such strange feelings when teaching sometimes virtually as I talked to dots on screens. Hang in there. đŸ™‚

  5. This poses an interesting thought question inherent in discussions about Zoom school.

  6. I sit in and watch (from another room) virtual kindergarten every day. I could write a book…but then I know the teachers are trying…and I am trying to be kind….but sometimes I want to scream….

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