Random Conversation on the Way to the Mall

Day 24

Random conversation on the way to the mall…

Keith: (Noticing someone’s brightly colored pants as he walked by) Wow, look at those green jeans.

Denise: Remember Mr. Green Jeans? And Captain Kangaroo.

K: Yes.

D: Was Captain Kangaroo just on local stations? Or maybe that was Sheriff John who was local on L.A. stations.

K: I don’t know. I was lucky; I could get reception for both San Diego and L.A. stations.

D: You were lucky! You had more choices than I did.

K: The local stations in L.A. were odd numbers–like 9, 11, 13.

D: Yes, 5 too.  And the big three networks were on 2, 4, and 7.

K: CBS on 2, NBC on 4, ABC on 7. I remember those.

D: What were the letters on the local stations? Like KTTV?

K: Channel 11. KTLA was 5.

D: It’s weird how we remember station numbers from our childhood.

K. Yes, I don’t remember the numbers from any other place I’ve lived.

D: Do you remember the San Diego stations from when you were a kid too?

K: I think so.  ABC was on 10.

D: Were we supposed to exit there?

K: Yes, but we were busy talking about television stations.

Where do those random conversations come from? I am filled with gratitude that I get to have a partner to live with during this pandemic. No telling what I would be talking to myself about!


Our parents used to let us watch these guys.



3 thoughts on “Random Conversation on the Way to the Mall

  1. From an observation of someone’s green jeans in the mall to a catalogue of television stations in California! That’s random! Our minds are wonderful in their ability to spark synapses and take us to so many places. I remember Mr. Green Jeans, too. He was national, in CBS, I think.

  2. I feel exactly like you, “I am filled with gratitude that I get to have a partner to live with during this pandemic.” I LOVE these stream of consciousness dialogues, how fun it is to wander into weird, random memories. Yes, I remember Mr. Green Jeans!!

  3. That random conversation sounds like so much fun! It sure helped to pass the time for you and I agree that long term memory is very interesting, I remember names of children I was at school with years ago and can’t remember the name of the person I just met! Not being American I have no idea about any of those stations!

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