Sonia has been writing Golden Shovel poems each day in April and May on her blog: Rants of the Newly Old. I read this post last Tuesday for her Slice of Life. Her Golden Shovel poems are based on one of the headlines she reads each day. Each word in the headline becomes the last word in a line of a poem.

Today I heard a quote in an interview with Joe Biden that I decided to use in my own Golden Shovel. He was talking about why he’s an optimist and always keeps the best of people and builds on the positive in his relationships. He said, “I believe in redemption, for myself, as well.”

Of course, redemption is such a full and beautiful word. I couldn’t help but think of Jesus Christ, who is the one inspiring Joe Biden to stay so optimistic. So I wrote this Golden Shovel poem today as if Jesus were talking to the woman in John 8:2-11, a story that’s been on my mind all week.

Every bent branch I
Will lift up. Do believe
You are restored in
Me with no regrets, only redemption.
Recovery and release for
All that weighs heavily. Myself,
I am grace enough, as
The eyes of your heart see: you are well.

2 thoughts on “Redemption

  1. I love this “I am grace enough, as
    The eyes of your heart see: you are well.”
    I am writing about gratitude today, using the 4 x 4 form you introduced me to.
    I’d like to invite you to participate in Spiritual Thursdays. It’s a blog round up a group of us teacher-bloggers do on the first Thursday of each month. Our June gathering will be rounded up by Ruth. Her topic is Midyear check in of One Little Word. Email me if you want to join us.

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