Slice of Life – Eid Al Adha

Today’s Slice of Life at, 20 July 2021

It’s Eid Al Adha today, which is one of two of the multi-day Eid holidays in Islam. It’s a commemoration of Ibrahim being willing to sacrifice his son. But a substitutionary animal was provided by God that was used for the sacrifice instead. Today, Muslims will slaughter a lamb or goat and give a third to the poor,  a third to a neighbor or relative, and a third will be for their family dinner.

We don’t celebrate Eid, but we do get to have three days off this week. I’m involved in helping to lead a workshop for storytelling four half-days this week, so I’m busy preparing and attending that. However, this morning we took some delicious time to sit in a coffee shop for a flat white and chai latte and take a walk around the mall.

8 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Eid Al Adha

  1. I love the cool design on what I assume is on the coffee shop wall. Eid is not a holiday I am familiar with. Thanks for a tidbit of information. Enjoy your time off.

      1. Denise, I always learn so much from your experiences that you share of the culture where you are. I’m feeling sad for the lambs and goats but I’m tasting that chai and latte and savoring the moments of enjoyment you share!

  2. Three days off must have been a great help to prepare for the workshop. That sounds very interesting. I hope you write about it in a post. Thanks.

  3. Denise, I love the designs that barristers make. At NCTE, the Heinemann booth always has a coffee stand and I love to watch the barrister make the coffee. Thanks for sharing your special time relaxing. It is always good to do.

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