Poetry Friday – Inktober / Poemtober Small Poems, Week 2

I’m writing a small poem each day using a word from the Inktober prompts (a word, I’m finding, that is great for sketching but doesn’t always inspire poetry).

However, I was inspired last week by this Poetry Friday community. Thank you, Heidi (Saturday), Karen (Tuesday), and Alan (Wednesday)! And thanks to the inspiration of Birdtober friends, Ruth, Michelle, and #writeout announcer, Margaret, I sat outside at the medical clinic and enjoyed listening to the birds for Sunday’s poem.

9 October
A Definito

This is applied
to urge
or compel
one to do what you wish–
to push, insist, drive, impel
Pushed into a corner,
With arm twisted–

10 October

Dear finches,
Take your pick
in this safe garden.
Do you want your nest in
bamboo, cedar, olive, or plumeria?
There are aloe vera
and snake plants, too.
Here you can be fruitful and multiply.
Thank you for your sweet psalms.
They help patients heal.


11 October
Sweet and Sour

acids sharp and zesty–
lemon, cranberry,
rhubarb, gooseberry,
tamarind, tart cherry.
add sugar to taste
for the tang to marry.

12 October
After Jane Hershfield
Inspired by Karen Edmisten

I would like my living
to be full and free–
not stuck in regret,
but ready for today’s
unexpected word.

13 October
A Leaving Clogyrnach
Inspired by Alan J. Wright

Our goodbyes will arrive too soon
We’ll fly into the waning moon
Our farewell’s the proof
But still seems aloof
A new roof
A new tune

14 October
Tick Tock

Tick tock, tick tock
Jack and the Beanstalk
Tick tock, tick tock
Neil and the moonwalk
Tick tock, tick tock
Patriarchy bedrock
Men’s suits round-the-clock
Time to stop and take stock
For women’s rights to unlock
Tick tick tick tick tick

15 October

As the sun rises,
put on your
faith and love
and your
hope of salvation
……………~I Thessalonians 5:8

Today’s Poetry Friday Roundup can be found at wee words for wee ones. Thank you, Bridget Magee, and big congratulations to you for the two birthdays in this TENth month!

I’m conTENt after reading Bridget’s inTENse message. In a senTENce, she inTENds to exTENd a TENder-hearted opporTENity you will want to atTENd to.

13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Inktober / Poemtober Small Poems, Week 2

  1. Denise these are wonderful! I particularly love the poems for pick, and stuck, and tick. You’ve given us beauty and contemplation, as well as challenges for changes we need to make in our world. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Oh, so fun! I had the hardest time with “tick.” I knew I could use the tick sound from a clock…but I couldn’t think of how to make it creative. But, you have! Love all of these. That definito for pressure is practically perfect!

  3. Wow, Denise! You’ve rocked these Inktober prompts. I especially enjoyed your finch poem and also your take on “tick.” Most of all, I am so impressed by how you found inspiration in so many places and wove it all together to create such a rich variety of responses! I hope you keep going and look forward to reading next week’s installment.

  4. These are great, Denise! I especially like Tick Tock because it works on multiple levels – the repetition of the sound words tick and tock, a fairy tale, Neil and the moon walk – all building to a sense of urgency towards women’s rights being unlocked. Nicely done. 🙂

  5. I particularly felt and admire the poem Tick Tock. There is an urgency about time now, that there are things that need to change now! I love the illustration, as well. Nice work on all these.

  6. Each inked part’s a gem, Denise. I love that ‘tick tock’ & read that fashion house (the elite ones) are showing more feminine styles for everyone, men, too, flowery, etc. Hope thrives! And I like the phrase “for the tang to marry” – lovely. What fun to take a prompt every day, like a new kind of diary you don’t know you’ll write until you read that word!

  7. Denise, you have drawn inspiration from a wide circle of sources and sparks and your small poems are testimony to your efforts as an observer in the world. I feel honoured to be included.

  8. Very cool, Denise. I enjoyed reading all your poems. When I looked at the Inktober list, the word SPLAT jumped out at me, so I just might have to give that one a whirl. Thanks!

  9. Thanks for sharing these, Denise. Lovely that you found so much inspiration from fellow PF poets! My favorites are Sweet and Sour and the Tick Tock poem. 🙂

  10. I love your takes on the words this week. Especially pressure and helmet (Helmet challenged me a bit.). And today the work: collide? Yikes!

  11. Yes, you have been busy. Your “Tick Tock”rang out to me for I would really like to slooow down and take “Time to stop and take stock”
    but it won’t happen this month, maybe next, thanks Denise!

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