Poetry Friday – 2 Percent

Days numbering 2,873
Days of worry and those carefree
Days of full health and sickness
Days of glad joy and sadness
Days of work and fun vacation
Days of overwork and relaxation
Days of dullness and shining jewels
Days of burden and then renewal
Days of dining in and often out
Days of rain (1.5%) and drought
Days of relationships so compelling
Days in our Bahrain dwelling.

While I was here,
I met people from 67% of earth’s countries,
100% of my daughters became married to
100% extraordinary partners.
I lost 25% of my sisters and
8% of my body mass,
I spent 21% of my married life
and 12% of my full life so far.

On 16% of the days I wrote on this blog,
26% of the days refilled water bottles,
18% of my Thursdays edited church
service videos during the pandemic,
44% of my days at Al Raja School,
and 36% of my days at church.

Now there are 56 days to go.
just 2%
of our time remains
How will I make the most of it?

I know this:
100% of my days
are forever a gift of Grace

Do you want to join some of us in writing daily poems of gratitude this month? Post your short poems with #gratitude, #gratiku, #gratitudepoem.

Today’s Poetry Friday is hosted by Mary Lee Hahn at A(nother) Year of Reading. The Inklings wrote poems using percent today, so I had fun thinking of some of the things I had done during the last eight years in Bahrain.

15 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – 2 Percent

  1. Your percentage poem is wonderful! How it celebrates the time you’ve had and expresses your gratitude as well as grief over your leaving soon.

  2. Thanks for joining us with a percentage poem! You and Heidi came to the same conclusion about what you’ll do with your remaining time, be it years or days.

  3. It’s been 100% lovely to have a little glimpse of Elsewhere through your blog; I cannot imagine you using your last 2% of time in Bahrain to do anything but share the joy. I’m also 100% sure that what comes next will be another adventure.

  4. Denise, your poem focusing on percentages is well-done. Mixing math and literacy has such rich potential for student work. I am so glad that you shared your thoughts. The lines that stand out to me are: I know this:
    100% of my days
    are forever a gift of Grace
    May the Lord fill your days with peace and love.

  5. Marking the passage of time and events in this special way brings you to the intersection of poetry and mathematics and your application of percentages is superbly intermingled with memories. Well done Denise.

  6. I am impressed with your “gift of research”, too, Denise. Reflection remains an answer when we take the time to really look. I like the rhyming, too, and the final 100% – something to revel over.

  7. Wow! What a thoughtful and reflective poem…so much of life in those percentages. Yes, 100% of grace. Amen. Love this.

  8. So glad the percentage challenge sparked this poem! It’s such an interesting lens through which to view your time in Bahrain and your upcoming departure. Love your ending.

  9. I appreciate how much work went into figuring out how to express your Bahrain-time experiences in mathematical terms–doing that for my poem gave me new perspective for sure. Enjoy your last 2% to the fullest!

  10. 2% of your time remaining will be 100% you living your best and sharing that with those around you. What an adventure, Denise.

  11. Denise,
    This is a fabulous percentage poem that you’ve put a lot of thought into writing. I am sure that in the future, your own poem will keep your Bahrain memories fresh. What a gift, just as you have been a gift to those whose lives you’ve touched during your time there. Thank you for sharing and for all you’ve done. May your last 2% be joy-filled!

  12. Denise, that “inshallah” got me a little teary, and I’ve never been anywhere near the Persian Gulf. What a great poem! Whatever is next will be exciting, I’m sure.

  13. What an interesting way to reflect on a particular part of your life, Denise. Fascinating.
    Also, you are one of my poetry anthology winners! Contact me and we can work out the details of getting you your copies. đŸ™‚

  14. What a wonderful way to think about your experiences in a place. I’m loving all these percentage poems. It sounds like you’re getting ready for a move – wishing you all the best as you prepare for whatever comes next.

  15. Such a lovely poem! Wishing you a wonderful 2% and a blessed leaving. Goodbyes aren’t easy, but they make the hellos on the other end possible.

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