Poetry Friday – Justice

“Blah, blah, blah,”
he spoke incessantly,
arms expressive.
As I sat in the doctor’s waiting room,
I wasn’t hearing the audio as
I watched the recorded “highlights”
of the testimony.
I thought tears
would flow anytime as
I began thinking of that
other trial last week,
with those infamous tears.
The chyron below gave me
some of his words:
“Defendant testifies
‘This was a life-or-death situation.'”

I remembered the video evidence,
submitted by one of the murderers–
Three men against one,
three aggressors against one victim,
two vehicles against two shoes,
two guns against none,
three against one,
white against black.

Ahmaud Arbery was an unarmed jogger
just hoping for a country
he could
his right to live.

I wrote about Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers in September 2020 here in “Say His Name–Ahmaud Arbery,” the third poem on that post.

Today is Poetry Friday. Thank you to Carol at Beyond LiteracyLink. Her post today is filled with beautiful autumn verses and photos: “Unveiling of Bedecked in Autumn Gallery“.

9 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Justice

  1. I admit I’ve been keeping the TV tuned in to Hallmark these days. I find the news so hard to digest. Your poem is all I need to know. Activism in words. We must continue the resistance. Thanks for speaking.

  2. That’s a good poem about an important subject, Denise! Thank you for sharing it with us. I will look up your other poems on this subject, too. Imagine: someone out for a JOG. Ugh.

  3. Wow, a poignant poem, Denise. Your finale says it all…
    “Ahmaud Arbery was an unarmed jogger
    just hoping for a country
    he could
    his right to live.”

  4. Sad news today in that ‘other’ trial, frightening actually. I’m glad you wrote to speak out, Denise. That line, “‘This was a life-or-death situation.’” makes me ask again, as I do other times, “How can it be?” Thank you!

  5. Sometimes poetry is about raising our voices and speaking out. Poetry is political at times, so I congratulate you Denise for venturing into this important space. You have spoken truth. You have assumed a position. Nothing wishy-washy here. You have spoken up for justice. Powerful words that cut to the heart of the matter. More power to you…

  6. Sharp…right to the emotional bulls-eye. Thank you. I simply and not up to this task right now. Wish I was. I fear that the message sent by this verdict will have terrible consequences for justice and for people we love. Ugh, ugh, hug.

  7. Denise, your poem is a cry for justice. You hit the nail on the head and made us look twice and ponder what is fair and right. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I just thought-do you celebrate it in Bahrain?

  8. So sad! Thanks for writing about it!

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