March #SOL22 Day 3 – A 4×4 Poem “Ukrainians”

Day 3 of March #SOL22

I went to bed last night having recently read Glenda’s Tuesday post about war. Subsequently, I woke up a lot during the night praying for and thinking of the Ukrainians who are fighting for their homeland.


Resilient, proud
fighting for peace
freedom is sweet

Blooms for Russians?
send Molotov
cocktails instead

Brave president
Averts world war
battle alone

Chaos and dying
as world watches
on Instagram

This poetry form is a 4×4, inspired by the Tricube, with a variation on the Quatern form.

5 thoughts on “March #SOL22 Day 3 – A 4×4 Poem “Ukrainians”

  1. Denise, I’m honored you found inspiration in my post from yesterday. I’d hoped it garner a larger audience but understand why it didn’t, at least in this challenge. Thank you for lifting it up and got honoring Ukraine. “Resilient, proud, brave, blooms, chaos, dying,” these words resonate most w: me. I want to believe words can make sense of the senseless. I think about this often. Maureen’s post today has me contemplating needless acts of destruction, even though that’s not her central theme. What a heartbreaking world we’re living in.

  2. My goodness, this is just a gut punch. It just hits in multiple areas, the blooms for Russians, the proud Ukrainians, the world standing by watching on Instagram.

    And for what?

    Sometimes, I don’t get humans.

    Thank you for the format and the powerful words.

  3. I didn’t know this form, and I was glad you left the link so I could see the “rules” and then go back and see how much crafting you had to do. I really like how the word Ukrainians migrates through the poem. And the fact that you were able to work “Molotov cocktails instead,” into such a compact poem is impressive! Thanks for this.

  4. Thank you so much for your meaningful poem and the explanation of the format. It is truly heartwrenching what is unfolding right now.

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