Spiritual Journey Thursday – Ashes

Our ash bucket

Ashes have a new meaning for me this Ash Wednesday. No ashes on my forehead, this year. Only in the bucket.

I have been neglecting my spiritual journey these last few months. I’ve been distracted with many things. We have made a huge change in our living situation. It’s been two months today since we moved from the Middle East to southern California. We had been living in a hospital flat, with every housing expense taken care of by the hospital, to now living in a seventy-year-old homesteader cabin with tons of repairs and upgrades needed, each one up to us.

New vs. old heating systems

The bucket of water gets black so quickly. Wash and wipe these dark paneled walls. I did this once in January. Why are the walls so dirty again? I finally finished, and then I added primer to the dark paneling. After that, two coats of lovely “white mocha” paint.

Yesterday on Ash Wednesday, instead of going to church, I watched six workers install a new heating and cooling system in my house.

My husband likes the homey (and ashy) wood fire, but I asked for a break while we experiment with our new system. At least our white walls can stay clean awhile longer!

Perhaps I should pay attention and look for the metaphors here.

I’ve begun a Bible reading plan for Lent called Walking with Jesus: A Journey to the Cross. I’ll be discussing it with my husband. Hopefully, fasting from some of the diversions that are keeping me from focusing on God, plus studying the life of Jesus will help me prepare for Easter.

This post is for Spiritual Journey Thursday, hosted this month by Ruth Hersey.  Thank you, Ruth!




4 thoughts on “Spiritual Journey Thursday – Ashes

  1. Denise, welcome to your new home! I love reading your posts again; it feels as if it has been too long an absence. It appears you are making great strides in your new home; I look forward to reading more.

  2. This Bible study sounds wonderful, Denise – and ever how busy you have been, see, you do not neglect your spiritual journey as much as you think! And I cannot help thinking of many metaphors for trying to keep lovely white mocha walls clean from ashy woodsmoke. A few years ago our gas logs sent a thick layer of soot over the living room. So hard to paint over, with the oiliness. We finally had the gas tank removed altogether – no more soot! Blessings to you as the Lenten season begins and as you continue settling in your new home.

  3. What a challenging time for you, Denise! I will think of you as you keep your Lenten focus as well as attend to your new home. Many blessings, and thanks for sharing this post.

  4. It is difficult to settle into a new home, Denise, but there are many rewards despite the amount of work to make it your own. I wish you well with your devotional studies during Lent. Keep us updated on how your month is being spent.

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