March #SOL22 Day 5 – A Cold Reading Day

Day 5 of March #SOL22

Today I thought I would try to take a photo each hour as Britt Decker did last year. Her post was used by Stacey Shubitz as an inspiration for us on yesterday’s SOL post.

It didn’t take long to realize today was not going to be a great day for taking a picture each hour, for I couldn’t set my book down. It is a cold and blustery day, and my living room is warm. Hour after hour I kept reading, and the timer or my husband would remind me to take a picture. Here’s my morning:

I actually did a little more than just finish my book. However, the only other photo I have is this one, where I was splitting my sourdough starter to give some away and getting vegetables ready to roast.

Maybe someday I’ll revisit the “One Hour a Day Challenge” and pay attention to the additional details of all my waking hours, as Britt did. For now, I’m thankful I got to finish my book, Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr.

8 thoughts on “March #SOL22 Day 5 – A Cold Reading Day

  1. Some days are like that! And you finished your book! That’s a great accomplishment. I’ve been wanting to make a sourdough starter but I don’t have time now.

  2. What a testimony for Anthony Doerr’s writing!! I loved this line, ” I couldn’t set my book down.” I am next in line to read this book – my son is reading it right now! I LOVED his book All the Light We Cannot See.

  3. I was ready to scold you if you ended this post w/out naming the book you finished! I might need to do the photo an hour day later this month when I’m traveling. For now, I’m w/ you: reading and getting cozy.

  4. My day was much like yours. I stayed perched on the warm sofa all day. But I watched a few shows in between reading.

  5. I love that your view remained and that you got to finish your book. Hours well spent.

  6. This sounds like an amazing Saturday!! Thanks for sharing the images and words. Is the title of this book a reference to the Lego Movie?

    1. Jackie, I just watched a clip from the Lego Movie and Cloud Cuckoo Land. I had never heard of that before, and as far as I can tell there is no relationship. I wonder why they have the same name?

  7. It’s an interesting perspective which I’d definitely like to try one day. Thanks for the book title, I really enjoyed his last book.

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