March #SOL22 Day 9 – Dinner Tonight

Day 9 of March #SOL22

After a busy day, I am just getting home. The evening was spent at a friend’s, with a lovely and leisurely dinner with really special people.

Baked potato
Filet mignon steak
Broccoli with cheese sauce
Root beer floats for dessert
Laughter, conversation, and dogs to pet
With family and friends, heartfuls of love

11 thoughts on “March #SOL22 Day 9 – Dinner Tonight

    1. Thank you, Celia. It was a perfectly relaxing evening. I’m wondering if you have a blog, Celia. I wanted to visit, but I’m not sure where it is.

  1. “heartfuls of love”–such a gentle, warm final phrase to capture a delightful evening.

  2. Denise, spending time with close friends always is a special event. Thanks for sharing the yummy dinner. Root beer floats brings me back to high school days with friends. We all need heartfuls of love.

  3. Denise, your dinner sounds scrumptious. I might have to prepare steak soon!

  4. Simply delicious! Glad you had such a special evening with friends.

  5. What a lovely evening for you! I went out with a few coworkers after school. The time together gave me the extra boost I need to make it through school tomorrow!

  6. Love your poem. I’ve been wanting to write a poem for my SOL, but haven’t yet found the inspiration. Reading yours is what I needed. Thank you!

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