March #SOL22 Day 14 – Winding Yarn

Day 14 of March #SOL22

When I was a middle school student, my great aunt Thelma taught me to crochet. This was in the days when yarn didn’t come in easy-to-pull-out skeins. Back in the day, when I was visiting her, she would have me hold my two hands out about two feet apart. Then she would patiently roll the yarn into a ball.

Fast forward fifty years, and I did it again this morning. Only this time, my knees were the helper.

This week the temperature will hit 80, so I needed to break out a new color for my temperature blanket.
Temperature blanket in progress

3 thoughts on “March #SOL22 Day 14 – Winding Yarn

  1. That first photo gave me a chuckle. The blanket is gorgeous. 80 sounds nice.

  2. I crochet as well. I think my mother taught me. Boy I hate having to untangle a skein of yarn. Always worth the time it takes to make a ball.

  3. I love the photo – very clever approach to creating that ball of yarn. I love the colors and pattern of your blanket – what a beautiful project!

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