March #SOL22 Day 20 – Lament and Celebrate

Day 20 of March #SOL22

We are taking two days off from painting the outside of our home. There are strong wind advisories in our area today and tomorrow. Sand is blowing, creosotes are whipping the air, and we are staying snuggly indoors. However, it is not very comforting to look around my living room and see this mess.

I hate that my living room looks like this,
hijacked by renovation debris:

I love that there is hope for
restoration, relaxation, renewal
And eventual “after” photos

Today’s prompt, “Lament and Celebrate“, is from Andrew Moore at Ethical ELA’s Open Write.

6 thoughts on “March #SOL22 Day 20 – Lament and Celebrate

  1. I suspect I know how that mess weighs on you and I’m sorry you must look at it – but I am thankful for the picture; I know this is what I will be enduring months of, very soon! You have captured the image of “change”/”transition” – it is a still photo yet it is motion – you are doing wonderful renovations! I love the three R’s you are blessed with today –
    restoration, relaxation, renewal

    1. Thank you, Maureen, those R words are fine, aren’t they? I actually took the cue from Fran’s R words in her poem on Sunday.

  2. Transitions are really messy. All the best in your movement toward restoration.

  3. Denise, I have been there. Looks as though you have a comfy couch to snuggle on. All the chaos will be worth it when the work is done. Promise.

    1. Oh, yes, the couch is comfy, and I spent the whole day Sunday sitting, reading, writing, and sleeping! That was all I had left in me.

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