March #SOL22 Day 21 – 64 Good Things

Day 21 of March #SOL22
  1. Keith
  2. babies
  3. lobster ravioli
  4. monster cookies
  5. finishing a job
  6. Poetry Friday
  7. Ethical ELA Open Write
  8. Two Writing Teachers
  9. The Beatles
  10. clean sheets
  11. fresh spring rolls
  12. a clean house
  13. ripe fruit
  14. tea lattes
  15. Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “Earth’s crammed with heaven…”
  16. Katie and Thomas
  17. Maria and Janzen
  18. sitting in the grass
  19. Duolingo and learning Spanish
  20. storytelling
  21. Womba
  22. Vinolia
  23. Glenda
  24. Maureen
  25. anniversaries
  26. the Persian rug hanging on my wall
  27. spacious places
  28. lotion
  29. a pot of masala tea
  30. rainbows
  31. cars that work
  32. Blizzards (at DQ)
  33. bean tostadas
  34. flying to see my daughters
  35. healthy eating
  36. ice cream with caramel sauce and praline pecans
  37. washing machine
  38. Joshua trees
  39. a good night’s sleep
  40. buying second hand instead of new
  41. a freshly-painted home
  42. chips and salsa
  43. the world standing by Ukraine
  44. In and Out burger animal style
  45. a grandson forming in my daughter’s womb
  46. listening to Karly play the oboe
  47. reading my Kindle when I wake up at night
  48. root beer floats
  49. my sister right next door
  50. a postcard in the mail from Kim J.
  51. mourning doves nesting in my yard
  52. health
  53. redemption from fear
  54. Jesus
  55. my strong body
  56. Wordle
  57. Worldle
  58. my temperature blanket
  59. cardamom and saffron in my tea
  60. excellence
  61. a full moon
  62. a starry sky
  63. peace
  64. looking up

I was inspired by a post earlier this month by Terje at “Just for a Month.” She wrote 50 good things because she was turning 50. I’ll be turning 64 this year, so I wrote 64 good things.

7 thoughts on “March #SOL22 Day 21 – 64 Good Things

  1. Lots and lots of good things! I love the juxtaposition of 35 and 36 – healthy eating and ice cream with caramel sauce and praline pecans. Also, Joshua trees. I love Joshua trees too.

    1. Whitney, I noticed that too. Probably thinking of healthy eating made me also think of some of the unhealthy foods I’ve eaten lately and I don’t want to give them up. Thank you for visiting.

  2. I love this list and was moved to tears seeing my name on it. I do not for one minute take my friends in these writing communities for granted. I know you shared that Joshua Tree photo just for me. đŸ˜‰

  3. What an incredible list! I may have to attempt this, Denise. Wait – am I on this list? I will believe I am the only Maureen you know – hahaha There are so many things on this list that would be on mine. I love the photos – that gorgeous rug and the Joshua trees, especially! Loved this, Denise!

    1. Yes, that is you, Maureen! I’ll look forward to reading your good things list. It was fun to write. It was just a stream-of-conscious writing whatever I thought of at the time.

  4. I love your list of 64 good things. It fed my soul. I will definitely give this a try.

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